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Hexagon xperion relies on ZEISS GUARDUS for MES

A software partner you can learn from

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Continuity with Customised Products

Stability and co-determination further belong to the keystones of the customer philosophy of GUARDUS, which is now part of the ZEISS Group

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We know the fine nuances that make the difference in your sector.

The fusion of production technique and information technology guarantees you more flexibility and thus more competitiveness.


Sector orientation plays a leading role for us when we perform specific services. Due to our experience and competences, we know which requirements are efficient in which sector. Our system provides you with all of the relevant functions that we will then transfer to your company gradually and in a compatible way.
Our offer focuses on companies of the discrete manufacturing, first of all those from the sectors of biomedical and electrical engineering, plastics technology, as well as automotive suppliers, reel manufacturers, and aerospace engineering.


Regardless of whether the focus of your sector is on a ‘just-in-time’ or ‘just-in-sequence’ production, if you are legally obliged to provide evidence or you need exact traceability, we can meet these demands in an efficient way.
The solutions of ZEISS GUARDUS help you avoid downtime, defects, and waste, reduce your costs, and increase your productivity.
We provide you with the right, multilingual solutions that are adaptable to your field of activity. Our software solutions are accurate and aligned to the norms and directives of each sector. In the following chapters, we will describe how we implement this in your sector.