Dynamization of the measurement at the push of a button with ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning

The new ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning software option enables automatic adaptation of the ZEISS CALYPSO measurement plan based on the ZEISS GUARDUS dynamic planning rules.

To start a laboratory inspection, ZEISS GUARDUS transfers both the unique sample number and the relevant inspection characteristics to the measuring machine, taking into account the quality history, the production situation and the dynamization rule.

In the past, dynamic adaptation of the inspection scope of a ZEISS CALYPSO measurement plan involved a great deal of manual effort. With the new software option, the user is now able to automatically apply the various dynamic modification logics to the ZEISS CALYPSO measurement plan. This leads to a significant acceleration of the adaptation workflow. For example, due to the calculation methodology of ZEISS CALYPSO, the ideal travel paths between dynamized measuring elements are calculated ad hoc - without any programming effort. In addition, the inspection plan scope is reduced according to the dynamization rules applied. This leads to a positive effect in terms of plant productivity and investment, because dynamized measurement sequences free up capacity on the measuring devices. Focusing on the essential inspection characteristics leads to significant time savings, which have an effect on the entire quality control loop.

The results of the test are reported back to the MES via the bidirectional communication path and then flow into the next test cycle. If a measurement result is out of tolerance, the process-regulating feedback to production is much faster. In addition, with the dynamic planning of ZEISS CALYPSO, the original state of the inspection plan can be restored at any time with just one click.

ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning enables enormous time savings by adapting the CNC sequence based on dynamization rules.