are based on the interconnectedness of your manufacturing processes at various locations, including beyond the borders. All of the quality and production relevant product and process data will be collected and analysed in an integrated system along the value chain in real-time. You will be provided with an extensive overview of your quality and production situation and therefore, you will be able to optimise your production processes in a targeted, sustainable way and, above all, without delay.


With our ZEISS GUARDUS Designer, you can individually adapt and upgrade all of the optical and functional parameters that are relevant for your production process. This is valid not only in the company management, but also in the quality management or production management with its machines and testing systems. We provide you with customised IT support that can be used comfortably and intuitively despite its variety of functionalities. As to how this looks in quality management, production management, process management, and integration, you will find out in the following chapters.