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Transform production data into operational success ZEISS GUARDUS MES To our News ...


The Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH develops and adjusts MES software solutions for sustainable product and process optimisation in discrete manufacturing. Our computer-aided quality and production management ensures that you avoid downtime, reduce defects, and prevent waste.

All of this will save your resources, accelerate your processes, reduce your costs, and increase your productivity, thereby making you fit for the future –whether paperless manufacturing or industry 4.0.

MES - Continuous and Transparent

ZEISS GUARDUS connects CAQ, MDA, and PDA functionalities into an integrated MES system. It covers all of the IT systems that are relevant for the added value as well as your machines, equipment, and measuring systems. Thus, an extensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) comes into being.
You will also be involved in this from the outset so that you can comprehend each step and offer support without being dependent on us.

MES - Flexible and User-Related

ZEISS GUARDUS does not sell rigid software modules but rather offers you a highly user-specific solution with preconfigured functionality options. By means of the ZEISS GUARDUS Designer, each user will be provided with “his/her” needed functionalities via individual user interfaces. This is valid not only in the business administration, but also in the quality and production management and on the shop floor with its machines and testing systems.



MES - Intuitive and Forward-Looking

ZEISS GUARDUS creates simplicity where complexity is not desired. This also applies to the comfortable function navigation by means of interactive process visualisations. The so-called ‘Process Workplaces’ only provide users with those screen forms that they need for their operations. The work with ZEISS GUARDUS Business Apps, such as the ‘Factory Monitor’, KPI-Cockpit, as well as the ‘Supplier Rating’ is simultaneously innovative and comfortable.

MES - Adaptable und Upgradable

Your company is continuously developing, isn’t it?  ZEISS GUARDUS will help you with that. No matter whether you are a medium-sized company, a decentralised company group, or an international corporate group, we always provide you with the right, multilingual solutions that are adaptable to your field of activity.

Do you want to cross borders and get a foothold on new continents? Then make use of our roll out competence in implementing and operating the ZEISS GUARDUS internationally in an efficient, reliable, and extremely stable way. Innovative network topologies, flexible client structures, and intelligent software templates represent only some of the characteristics that make ZEISS GUARDUS brilliant, including on the international stage. For the time being, our solution already operates in 24 countries round the clock.