Due to its outstanding innovations in production/ stock and logistics, SAFELOG is an interesting partner for many enterprises. The high potential cost reduction of the solutions offered by SAFELOG enable enterprises to cope with the challenges regarding quality and performance.


Drive Change. Rethink Engineering.

PLATO AG is an internationally operating software company in the engineering, risk and quality management environment. The PLATO technology is scalable in several aspects and its architecture and openness is designed to grow with customer requirements. As a cloud solution, PLATO e1ns is used in the product and process development of numerous companies. PLATO XERI™ is a document management software that ensures systematic and standardized document management, particularly in the regulated QM environment.


Production Control Centre

Founded 1990 in Dresden DUALIS GmbH IT Solution has specialized in the development of material flow simulation and short term scheduling software. Own developed products like GANTTPLAN or the Optimizer ISSOP enable detailed short term scheduling of production orders and optimization of production processes and material flow, while the 3D-dimensional strategic planning and optimization of production and logistics systems are carried out with the 3D Simulation platform of Visual Components.


Provider of IT solutions for Poland

SOLDIS is a provider of IT solutions that support the complex processes of production and trade companies - innovative and reliable. The software house offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for organization and control of production and logistics. With MES and APS systems the custom challenges in the areas of management, production, quality management and logistics are efficiently implemented. SOLDIS mainly optimizes processes, resources, goods and value flows for better planning and control. The result is increased efficiency while lowering production costs.



Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH is an Oracle Business Solutions Partner. GUARDUS provides the Oracle database software along with professional competence and technological knowhow to ensure the best integration into your IT infrastructure.


Business Performance

Soffico GmbH develops and implements advanced, sophisticated software solutions to optimise business and communication processes. Exceptional technical know-how and profound industry knowledge are our hallmark. Our visionary thinking and modular concepts enable us to develop future-proof, sustainable and efficient software solutions that guarantee interoperability for fast and secure data transmission.