The electronics industry is characterized by very short innovation cycles. Businesses in this vertical have the task to orient value-adding processes to crucial factors such as quality, costs and delivery flexibility. This is reflected not only in the most modern manufacturing technologies and international locations, but also in the cross-functional communication processes. With a process-oriented MES-solution for the electronics industry, ZEISS GUARDUS supports this challenge by providing:

GUARDUS MES for Electrical Engineering
  • In-process inspection execution
  • Integration of efficient and intuitive defect collector charts
  • Compliance with the quality norms including ISO 9001 and DIN EN 9100
  • Support for complex assembly processes
  • Integration of test facilities, measuring devices and analytical equipment
  • Support for part lists, sub-assemblies and individual parts
  • Traceability (TRA) through all stages of production from raw materials to client delivery. Search from Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Company-wide online performance indicators and key performance indicators (KPI)
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    With its constant attention to the demands of the electronics industry, ZEISS GUARDUS has become an essential subsystem in the JD Edwards and Lotus Notes environment at Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co.KG. Fine audio products have given Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG its well-deserved international reputation. The success of the Group, with its headquarter in Wedemark, Germany, is based on a perfect combination of high-quality innovations, continuous market orientation and modern forms of personnel management. All these elements contribute to a maximal quality of products and services. ...

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    In terms of technology and quality, BJB is one of the leaders in the field of ingenious lighting technology. The company that began its existence by manufacturing components for oil lamps approximately 150 years ago has nowadays a globally oriented mass production for all electrical connections between the power source and the lamp.. In order to set the bar for progress and vision high also in the future, BJB focuses not only on a strong innovation culture but also on the systematic optimisation of manufacturing processes. A part of this optimisation is also the permanent monitoring of rigorous quality standards by means of ZEISS GUARDUS – from goods receipt via the in-process controls accompanying production up to the final inspection. ...

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    Manufacturing without paper. Precisely those who work for world leading IT companies, such as HP, Xerox, and IBM, need reliable and, above all, flexible company and production processes. The OEM manufacturer of data storage systems, thermal printers, and media handling devices ‘BDT Büro- und Datentechnik’ in Rottweil also relied on ZEISS GUARDUS when implementing a Manufacturing Execution System for the optimisation of the company processes.

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