Enterprises in the plastics industry are often characterized by an international clientele. In order to face the market demands in real-time, these enterprises manufacture their products all over the world and adapt their value-adding processes to their clients’ needs. With the MES-solution for the plastics industry, ZEISS GUARDUS supports all typical processes and requirements of this vertical:

GUARDUS MES for Plastics Engineering
  • Traceability of process stability (machine, tool, nest)
  • Extensive resource management and order planning
  • Transparency regarding machine conditions, process parameters and product data
  • Seamless batch and nest traceability from raw material to finished good
  • Preparation of all documents required in the process
  • Strategic performance indicator Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Company-wide online performance indicators and key performance indicators (KPI)
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    Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH is a leading supplier in the field of MES-systems. The rigorous process orientation asks for new IT concepts: As many systems as necessary, as few as possible. Fulfilling this demand ZEISS GUARDUS represents an ideal subsystem in the SAP-field.

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    A continuously inspected and certified quality represents one of the most important characteristics of the products manufactured by Finstral AG, a renowned producer of highly qualitative windows, doors, and glazed extensions, operating at the European level. The quality philosophy of the industry leader in terms of sustainable customer satisfaction will be supported by the Manufacturing Execution System ZEISS GUARDUS in all the quality relevant production and maintenance processes in the area of profile extrusion as well as in the highly integrated detailed planning for an efficient production control.

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