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Hexagon xperion relies on ZEISS GUARDUS for MES

A software partner you can learn from

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Continuity with Customised Products

Stability and co-determination further belong to the keystones of the customer philosophy of GUARDUS, which is now part of the ZEISS Group

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The ZEISS GUARDUS training curriculum contains over 28 modules – for both new and established clients. These courses ensure that users are ready to work with the software from the start. This is the best way to make sure to obtain the smoothest operation day in day out.


Why do established clients still request training? ZEISS GUARDUS modules offer a wide range of functionality which are usually only partially used in the first months after an installation. Once users are used to the basic functions, their thirst to get more from the software, combined with the shared experiences of other ZEISS GUARDUS software users, makes training a must to get better quality and consequently more from their factors of production.