Consulting and Project Management

Software projects in the quality and production management spectrum are especially challenging since automating the information flow often interferes with the complex value adding processes. This is why ZEISS GUARDUS considers that both project guidance and client support services represent a process which begins before the mandate is agreed on and does not end after the project is finished. The ZEISS GUARDUS service offering begins with the selection of the right modules to achieve the desired results. With more than 20 years of experience in the quality and production side of business, the team of the Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH is able to recommend the right tools to forward looking enterprises by means of an extensive and objective analysis. A structured project management approach guarantees a customized implementation will be a success, from importing existing data from various sources up to individual software adaptations in functions and user interfaces. The continuous cost, time and resource control also insures that projects are implemented on time and on budget.

“Due to the GUARDUS team‘s broad expertise not only in the technical aspects but also in project management, the location from Wittenberg went online after only 14 months, in February 2012. The downtime during the system change over was only four hours. Two months later, the solution was implemented in the location from Saalfelden and in June of the same year in the plant from Linnich. Since then, more than 1,000 users work with this new solution.“

Dr. Thomas Scheermesser

Head of Competence Pool Production Engineering

SIG International Services GmbH

Graphics about services and project management

After the project implementation is complete, the system 'keys' are handed over to the right people in the enterprise by the ZEISS GUARDUS training team. ZEISS GUARDUS then continues to offer client support to ensure that updates and upgrades continue to answer to the ever evolving needs of the enterprise. This process guarantees ZEISS GUARDUS clients that their processes in quality and production management are entirely and continuously supported by ZEISS GUARDUS software. The result: fast and seamless information flow as well as a continuous vertical integration in an ever greater technical and cost aware environment.