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Hexagon xperion relies on ZEISS GUARDUS for MES

A software partner you can learn from

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Continuity with Customised Products

Stability and co-determination further belong to the keystones of the customer philosophy of GUARDUS, which is now part of the ZEISS Group

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2.1. Production Order Management

ZEISS GUARDUS Production Order Management takes the production orders from the ERP systems and sees to their complete and up-to-date administration, planning, and control. The orders are automatically distributed to the available machinery and time capacities, which significantly increases the productivity of the entire production processes. The possibility to supplement the orders manually, for example, in case of rework, as well as the utilisation of calendars helps the responsible employees to allocate the orders in an optimum way. Moreover, the corresponding production order status (free or blocked) is controlled via a workflow integrated in ZEISS GUARDUS.

Production Order Management
  • Order Data with Bill of Materials, Production Resources, Documents etc.
  • Manual Supplement of Work Processes/Operations
  • Order Data Transfer from the ERP System
  • Generation of Additional Orders (e.g. for Rework)
  • Order Release and Locking
  • Calculation of Payroll Basic Data
  • Order Confirmation to the ERP System
  • Payroll Data Confirmation to the ERP System or Payroll System
  • Operation Calendar