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Low Inspection Costs, High Production Performance

The new quality matrix of ZEISS GUARDUS configures and controls the type and logic of the entire inspection process

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Hexagon xperion relies on ZEISS GUARDUS for MES

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1.11. FMEA

FMEA is a procedure in operations management for the analysis and prevention of failure modes. Possible defects in processes and products are identified early on and minimized or eliminated through appropriate actions. This reduces complaints and development costs and anticipates potential defects which could affect the customer and ultimately performance. SCIO-FMEA is used for products and production processes, especially in fields such as: automotive, aeronautic industry, medical technology, electronics, and machine construction. All these fields and their respective standards require risk analyses. These analyses represent a compulsory part of the “Production Part Approval Process."

This solution provides the enterprise with:

Risk Analysis (FMEA)
  • Risk Analysis (FMEA for Product, Process and System etc.)
  • Support for Defect Prevention
  • Standardized Forms (AIAG QS9000, AIAG 3rd. Ed.,VDA 96, VDA 86)
  • Integrated Change and Revision Management
  • Development of a Knowledge Database and Extensive Search Functions
  • Support for Risk Evaluation (RPZ Analysis, Pareto Analysis)
  • Management Reports
  • Export/Import Functions to Provide FMEA Data to Partners (Customers, Suppliers)