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Hexagon xperion relies on ZEISS GUARDUS for MES

A software partner you can learn from

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Continuity with Customised Products

Stability and co-determination further belong to the keystones of the customer philosophy of GUARDUS, which is now part of the ZEISS Group

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4. Integration

ZEISS GUARDUS’ goal is to provide information all along the value chain and to automate production processes to increase quality and optimize manufacturing. The solution is based on an integrated technology for the process-oriented capture, visualization and monitoring of all quality and production data.
The basis for this extensive pool of knowledge is automated and economic integration to both upstream and downstream systems. ZEISS GUARDUS has more than 20 years of experience in connecting ERP and PPS applications as well as integrating machine data. A standard interface, with pre-configured mappings of data fields, has been designed for more than 20 business applications. These can be - depending on the customer's situation - simple, flexible and above all, version and release independent. In addition to standard systems such as SAP, Great Plains, and Baan, ZEISS GUARDUS has much experience with deployments to custom made applications.


For capturing data on the shop floor, ZEISS GUARDUS also supports several standards used by numerous machine manufacturers. These include assembly line and production facilities as well as measuring machines, hand-held measuring equipment, test and vision systems. All parameters and test results are available in real-time and stored for future data management.

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    The long-time experience in industrial manufacturing has made GUARDUS Solutions AG a household name in Quality and Production Management. The core of the internationally renowned enterprise is based on the Manufacturing Execution System GUARDUS MES.

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