2.4. Production Control

The Production Control module supports the planning of the succession of production orders. The planning is carried out based on the ERP data or via manual data input that takes into consideration the current situation. If it is necessary to reduce the lead times, ZEISS GUARDUS distributes the orders to several capacities. If a reduction of the set-up time is required, different orders are combined. Subsequently, ZEISS GUARDUS dispatches the orders and then reports the status change to the ERP system. In the production controlling, the planning table of ZEISS GUARDUS takes care of the comfortable graphical visualisation of the entire order succession. The user has an overview of all the information about the workload and planning situation of the production units (machines, workplaces, etc.). Moreover, each production order will be transparently displayed at all the production units.

Production Control
  • Graphical Scheduler
  • Order Splitting
  • Combining of Orders
  • Online Visualisation of Confirmations (Order Progress)
  • Information System (Workflow) in Case of Deviations from the Production Planning
  • Dispatch of Manufacturing Orders to Production Machines
  • Sequence Planning for Dispatched Orders